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Milpitas home remodeling strives to elevate living spaces, boost property value, and instill homeowners with a revitalized sense of pride in their abode

  • Garage Conversion
  • Home Addition
  • ADU Construction
Milpitas Garage Conversion

Garage Conversion

Milpitas Home Addition

Home Addition

Milpitas Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

DevArt8 Construction offers kitchen remodeling services in Milpitas for homeowners to fully customize their cooking and dining spaces. The team excels in tailor-made solutions, including sleek countertop installations, custom cabinetry, advanced lighting systems, and more. From facilitating the permit process with local authorities to assure compliance to achieving a seamless culinary upgrade balancing form and function

Milpitas Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

DevArt8 Construction meticulously plans and designs bathroom renovations in Milpitas to match the client’s style while optimizing space and functionality. They provide various services, including tile work, fixture installations, and eco-friendly upgrades. The team simplifies permit processes and adheres to building codes for stunning, compliant, and safe renovations. Each project delivers elegant and durable bathrooms customized to clients’ needs

General Guidelines in Milpitas Home Remodeling

To have a successful home remodeling project in Milpitas, follow safety, sustainability, and aesthetic regulations. Familiarize yourself with these rules to streamline the project and avoid complications.

Zip Codes We Serve in Milpitas

95035, 95036

Local Zoning and Land Use Laws (Building Heights, Setbacks, and Land Coverage)

Understanding zoning regulations is crucial before starting any construction project in Milpitas. Here's a breakdown of key points to remember.

Building Heights: In residential areas, buildings are usually 2.5 stories (30 feet) for homes and up to 6 stories (75 feet) in Transit Oriented Development (TOD) spots. Non-residential zones have diverse height rules, allowing taller structures in commercial regions based on zoning regulations

Setbacks: For front yards, setback requirements usually stipulate 30 feet for single-story buildings, 35 feet for two or 2.5-story structures, and 40 feet for three or 3.5-story buildings. These also apply to yards facing the street. Rear yard setback rules may differ, so refer to your area's zoning code for precise guidelines

Land Coverage:

Maximum coverage by all structures is usually 50% of the lot area in most residential zones. Denser zones like TOD areas may have higher allowable coverage ratios

Milpitas Area We Serve Service Required Documents

Required Documents

Before starting a remodeling project in Milpitas, essential paperwork includes a detailed construction plan for review, proof of property ownership, and potential neighborhood consent forms. Building permits and specific ones are necessary for electrical, plumbing, or structural work. Some cases may require an environmental impact assessment to meet local sustainability rules. DevArt8 Construction assists in gathering and submitting all necessary paperwork to ensure projects meet Milpitas' strict building standards..

Costs and Fees

Knowing the Milpitas costs and fees for home remodeling is crucial for budgeting. Fees depend on the project's size and can cover permits, inspections, environmental reports, or other assessments.

  • Minor Kitchen/Bath Remodel: $250-$500 (light updates, cosmetic changes)
    • Major Remodels:$500-$1,500+ (structural changes, roof work, complex projects)
    • Additions: $1,500+ (especially for additions exceeding 500 sq ft)
    • New Construction: $2,000+ (highest tier, applies to all new builds)
    • Planning Permits: $250-$1,000+ (required for major changes, historic districts, specific zoning types)
  • Electrical: $100-$300+ (varies based on project scope and complexity)
  • Plumbing: $100-$200+ (varies based on project scope and complexity)
  • Others: Fees may apply for landscaping, pools, HVAC systems, etc

Increased Property Value in Milpitas Home Remodeling

Investing in Milpitas home remodeling can greatly increase its market value. Enhancements such as kitchen upgrades, bathroom remodels, converting a garage, and improving outdoor spaces improve livability and draw in prospective buyers, ultimately leading to a higher resale value..

Property Design by Type

Property Design (Type)Estimated Increase (%)Property ValueEstimated Value IncreaseResale Value
Ranch Style8%$400,000$32,000$432,000
Cape Cod8%$300,000$15,000$315,000
Spanish Revival9%$550,000$49,500$599,500

Property Design by Size

Property Design (Size)Estimated Increase (%)Property ValueEstimated Value IncreaseResale Value
3-bed 1-bath5%$250,000$12,500$262,500
3-bed 2-bath6%$300,000$18,000$318,000
4-bed 2-bath7%$350,000$24,500$374,500
4-bed 1-bath6%$325,000$19,500$344,500
5-bed 2-bath9%$450,000$40,500$490,500
5-bed 3-bath13%$910,000$118,300$1,028,300
6-bed 2-bath10%$500,000$40,000$540,000
6-bed 3-bath11%$550,000$60,500$610,500
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