Efficient, Hassle-Free ADU in Mountain View

Mountain View ADU contractors handle every detail, from securing permits to meeting building codes, while maintaining clear communication with clients. This all-inclusive service goes beyond building spaces; it’s a commitment to provide peace of mind, efficiency, and homeowner satisfaction when enhancing properties.

Mountain View ADU

Solid Construction

The longevity of a Mountain View ADU is solidly crafted and follows industry best practices. This construction approach protects against the ever-changing Mountain View weather, ensuring a long-lasting structure with minimal maintenance. The company’s attention to detail ensures that the structure meets and exceeds local building standards, providing homeowners with a secure and lasting investment.

Popular Designs To Choose

Various popular ADU designs are available, catering to different needs and preferences. Homeowners can select from modern, contemporary, traditional, or custom designs to match their existing home’s style.

  • 375 sq ft: Open-concept living merges sleeping, cooking, and dining seamlessly, ideal for singles or guest suites. Imagine Murphy beds, hidden kitchenettes, and space-saving furniture for maximum functionality.
  • 475 sq ft: This layout provides privacy and comfort for individuals, couples, or small families. Picture a cozy bedroom separate from the main living area, a well-equipped kitchenette for preparing meals, and ample storage solutions for staying organized.
  • 425 sq ft: This smart design uses a partial wall or sliding door to create a sleeping alcove in an open-concept living area. It’s a space-saving solution for singles or couples wanting a designated sleeping space.
  • 625 sq ft: Side-by-side bedrooms provide privacy, while the open living area promotes connection. Two cozy bedrooms with spacious closets, a well-equipped kitchen for family meals, and a shared bathroom designed for easy access.
  • 700 sq ft: This layout expands on the traditional two-bedroom design by incorporating a dedicated space for a home office, reading nook, laundry room, or a small guest room.

Mountain View ADU Popular Designs To Choose

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Get To Know Mountain View ADU Regulations and Permits

Navigating the landscape of ADU construction in Mountain View has become more streamlined, thanks to clear regulations and a simplified permitting process. With no planning permit and only a building permit necessary, residents can save time while effectively enhancing their properties. Whether you choose a studio or a two-bedroom unit, a 5-foot setback from property lines is generally required. Mountain View’s reasonable permit fees reflect the size and complexity of ADUs, demonstrating their readiness to embrace and expand housing options.

Mountain View ADU Regulations and Permit

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DevArt8 Construction – Your Mountain View ADU Builder!

Choosing DevArt8 Construction means partnering with a committed ADU builder in Mountain View. Our approach is straightforward and results-driven, ensuring every project is completed to the highest standard. We will focus on every detail of your home expansion or addition, ensuring it complies with local building requirements and reflects your personal preferences. This will result in a successful enhancement to your property.

Garage Conversion

Transforming a garage into an ADU optimizes unused space by providing an independent living area with its entrance. These conversions often include a kitchenette and bathroom, making the unit self-sufficient. By incorporating design solutions like skylights or large windows, the space becomes brighter, creating a multifunctional area suitable for various uses such as rental opportunities, guest quarters, or a home office.

Home Addition

Home addition ADUs provide a versatile option for expanding living space, whether for additional bedrooms, bathrooms, or a custom-made workspace. These additions can also enhance the property’s market value while offering the flexibility to design a space that meets the homeowner’s needs and preferences. Moreover, they bring improved functionality, allowing for areas dedicated to work, hobbies, or relaxation in the comfort of one’s own home.

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