Pleasanton ADU Zoning and Building Standards

Pleasanton’s zoning regulations facilitate ADU development while preserving community character. Builders must adhere to specific building standards to ensure safety, privacy, and aesthetic harmony with existing structures. Thorough knowledge of these standards is important for a smooth construction process and compliance with local law.

Pleasanton ADU Zoning and Building Standards

Property Requirements

Building Size

  • Single Family Zoned Lots

Think classic single-story houses. Your detached ADU can stretch up to 1,200 sq ft, but cozy Junior ADUs (JADUs) capped at 500 sq ft are also an option. Feeling ambitious? The attached ADUs can match the main house size, up to 1,000 sq ft.

  • Duplex Family Zoned Lots

Picture two attached homes sharing a wall. Here, you can build two detached ADUs, each up to 1,200 square feet or up to 25% of the existing main dwelling’s size if you’re going to attach. Plenty of options for family or rental income!

  • Multi-Family Zoned Lots

Apartment buildings and the like. Get creative with up to 2 detached ADUs, each reaching the 1,200 sq ft peak. Attached ADUs can join the party, following the same 1,000 sq ft limit as duplex zones. Remember, JADUs are out of the picture here.


Owner-occupancy is not currently a requirement for permitted ADUs in Pleasanton. From January 2020 to January 2025, a temporary provision in Pleasanton ADU usage offers flexibility for homeowners and investors. They can choose to occupy or rent the unit, pursuing their desired options. This flexibility opens up exciting possibilities for increasing housing availability and generating rental income within the city.

Number of Units Allowed

Most Pleasanton properties allow one detached ADU, with single-family lots additionally eligible for a Junior ADU within the main house. Depending on existing structures, multi-family and duplex zones may permit up to two detached ADUs or conversions, adding 25% more living units.

Pleasanton Building Height

  • Single-Family: Enjoy the freedom to build spacious ADUs up to 16 feet tall, perfect for lofted ceilings or comfortable second-story spaces. Think airy studios or cozy two-bedroom units with plenty of headroom.
  • Duplex Family: Whether you opt for two detached ADUs (up to 16 feet each) or one attached unit following the main dwelling’s height, you’ll have the flexibility to design comfortable living spaces that blend seamlessly with the existing structures.
  • Multi-Family: Here, your ADU options soar! Build up to two detached ADUs, each reaching 16 feet, or convert non-living space into smaller units while maintaining a maximum height of 13 feet. This allows for additional living quarters without compromising the overall scale of the multi-family building.

Pleasanton Building Size

  • Single-Family: The detached ADU can reach 1,200 square feet, ideal for a studio apartment, a one-bedroom haven, or a cozy two-bedroom retreat. Imagine a home office with a nap nook, a guest suite for loved ones, or a rental unit for extra income.
  • Duplex Family: Your duplex ADU shares a wall with its twin but still offers ample square footage. Each detached unit can reach 1,200 square feet, providing independent living spaces. Alternatively, if you prefer an attached unit, its size can match up to 25% of the existing main dwelling’s footprint. Ideal for multi-generational living or creating a dedicated rental space.
  • Multi-Family: You can build two detached ADUs, each with up to 1,200 square feet. Alternatively, converting non-living spaces into smaller ADUs is an option, adding up to 25% more living space to the property and seamlessly blending into the multi-family atmosphere.

Fire Safety Regulations

Regarding fire safety in Pleasanton ADUs, the rules are straightforward: smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms are mandatory in all units, ensuring early warning for occupants. Additionally, fire sprinkler systems are not required in ADUs unless they’re also compulsory for the main dwelling, simplifying the construction process while prioritizing resident safety. Remember, adhering to these regulations is crucial for protecting lives and property.


Parking for Pleasanton ADUs isn’t a one-size-fits-all rule! Generally, conversion and junior ADUs require no dedicated parking, while detached and attached units typically need one space. However, exemptions exist for proximity to public transit, historic districts, and car-sharing options.

Utility Connections

New Pleasanton ADUs typically require separate electricity, water, and gas utility meters, ensuring independent usage and billing. However, conversions and junior ADUs sharing existing meters with the main dwelling are permitted under specific circumstances.


Pleasanton ADUs need to breathe! Detached and new construction units must maintain a minimum 4-foot setback from side and rear property lines, ensuring neighborly space and fire safety. Conversions and junior ADUs often have more flexible requirements but always check specific regulations to avoid building hiccups.

Zoning Regulations

Pleasanton ADU Zoning Regulations

Single Family

Pleasanton focuses on spacious, detached homes on larger lots with minimum lot sizes of around 7,500 square feet. This allows for comfortable living with ample space between neighbors, creating quiet, low-density residential neighborhoods prioritizing family and individual properties.

Duplex Family

Shows side-by-side twin homes with a shared wall, usually on slightly smaller lots than single-family zones. With minimums of 5,000 square feet, they optimize land use while ensuring comfortable living spaces for two families. These zones foster friendly, community-oriented neighborhoods with much more density than single-family areas.


Opening the door to a lively and bustling living environment, envision apartment buildings, condos, or townhomes on compact lots, contrasting with single-family and duplex zones. While minimum lot sizes may differ across developments, these vibrant spaces allow for efficient land utilization and accommodate more residents.

RF Zone Minimum Lot Area in Pleasanton

Pleasanton’s Residential Family (RF) zoning prioritizes spacious living environments through designated minimum lot area requirements. These regulations vary depending on the specific RF zone type, shaping the character and density of different neighborhoods.

  • Low Density Residential (LDR): Minimum lot size of 5,000 square feet. Imagine spacious single-family homes with ample yards and privacy, often in quiet, established neighborhoods.
  • Medium Density Residential (MDR): Minimum lot size of 3,200 square feet. Envision areas with a mix of single-family homes and potentially duplexes, offering a balance between space and efficient land use.
  • High-Density Residential (HDR): Minimum lot size: 2,000 square feet. Imagine denser neighborhoods with townhomes or smaller single-family homes, meeting diverse housing needs and creating a vibrant community atmosphere.

Room Specifications

Pleasanton ADU Room Specifications

Room Type Specifications
Bathroom – Minimum floor area: 50 sq ft (full bath), 35 sq ft (half bath)

– Toilet, sink, bathtub, or shower stall (full bath)

Vanity or countertop with storage

– Grab bars recommended in showers/tubs

– Ventilation fan required

Kitchen – Minimum floor area: 70 sq ft

Sink with hot and cold running water

– Countertop with space for food preparation -Range or cooktop

– Refrigerator

– Electrical outlets for appliances

– Ventilation fan required

Sleeping Areas – Minimum floor area: 70 sq ft (single occupant), 80 sq ft (double occupant)

– Closet with minimum hanging space and shelf

– Window with minimum clear opening

– Electrical outlets for lighting and devices

– Smoke detector required

Storage – Minimum closet space: 10% of total bedroom floor area .

– Additional storage options recommended, such as pantries, linen closets, or garages

– Space for trash and recycling bins

Location Requirements

  • Detached ADU Pleasanton: Imagine a self-contained dwelling on your property, ideal for in-laws, adult children, or rental income. These spacious units, up to 1,200 sq ft, provide complete privacy and independence, like a tiny house with its entrance and amenities.
  • Attached ADU Pleasanton: ADUs share a wall with the main dwelling, providing a convenient option for multi-generational living, home offices, or guest quarters. Sizes can vary but typically match up to 25% of the main house’s footprint.
  • JADU Pleasanton: Transforming part of your home into a cozy, self-contained unit is ideal for teenagers, visiting family, or a home office with a nap nook. JADUs are compact, with a maximum size of 500 sq ft, and often share a bathroom with the main house, making them a space-saving and budget-friendly option.

Rental Requirements


  • Lease Agreement: A written lease agreement outlining the terms and conditions of tenancy is required.
  • Security Deposit: Typically equals one month’s rent but cannot exceed two months.
  • Rent Payments: Due on the first of the month, late fees typically accrue after a grace period.
  • Utilities: This may be included in rent, separately metered, or shared with the main dwelling based on the specific agreement.
  • Tenant Responsibilities: Maintaining cleanliness and sanitation of the ADU, following noise ordinances, and adhering to any waste disposal guidelines.

Specific Requirements (may vary depending on landlord and ADU type):

  • Minimum Lease Term: Some landlords may require a minimum lease term, such as six months or one year.
  • Occupancy Limits: Typically limited to the number of bedrooms in the ADU, often with a maximum of 2-3 occupants.
  • Pets: These may be allowed with type, number, and size restrictions. Pet fees or deposits may apply.
  • Smoking: May be prohibited inside the ADU and on the property.
  • Parking: Availability and assigned spaces may vary depending on the property and zoning regulations.
  • Background Checks and References: Landlords may conduct background and reference checks on potential tenants.


  • Rent: ADU rental prices in Pleasanton vary widely depending on size, location, amenities, and overall property condition. Expect to pay anywhere from $1,500 to $3,500 monthly for a typical 1-bedroom ADU.

Development Standards for Pleasanton ADU

ADU Types Development Standards Specifications
Single-family – Max Size: 1,200 sq ft

– Number of Units: 1 detached ADU, 1 JADU      possible within main dwelling

– Building Height: 16 ft

– Setbacks: Min. 4 ft from side & rear property lines (conversions exempt)

– Parking: Typically 1 space required (exceptions for public transit proximity, car-sharing)

Duplex – Max Size: 1,200 sq ft per detached unit; Attached ADU size can match up to 25% of main dwelling footprint

– Number of Units: 2 detached ADUs possible, or 1 attached ADU

– Building Height: 16 ft

– Setbacks: Min. 4 ft from side & rear property lines (conversions exempt)

– Parking: Typically 1 space required per unit (exceptions for public transit proximity, car-sharing)

Multi-family – Max Size: 1,200 sq ft per detached unit; Converted ADUs max at 25% additional living space

– Number of Units: 2 detached ADUs possible, or conversions within existing non-living space

– Building Height: 16 ft for detached, 13 ft for converted

– Setbacks: Min. 4 ft from side & rear property lines (conversions exempt)

– Parking: Typically 1 space required per unit (exceptions for public transit proximity, car-sharing)

Junior ADUs (JADUs) – Max Size: 500 sq ft

– Location: Within existing main dwelling

– Building Height: Matches main dwelling

– Setbacks: No specific setbacks, must comply with main dwelling requirements

– Parking: Typically not required, may share with main dwelling

Pleasanton Property Designations for ADU

  • Flood zones: Building in designated flood areas may require special construction techniques and permits. Research your property’s flood zone status.
  • Geohazard zones: Earthquake faults and unstable slopes call for caution. Consult geohazard maps and consider necessary foundation reinforcements for your ADU’s safety.
  • Easements: Utility lines or public access paths may run through your property. Factor in easement locations during ADU planning to avoid future conflicts.

ADU Permit Requirements and Fees

Pleasanton ADU Permit Requirements and Fees

  • Building Permit: Your ADU’s foundation, costing around $1,500-$2,000, lays the groundwork for smooth approval. This covers structural integrity and code compliance.
  • Plans & Fees: Detailed architectural plans, typically $1,000-$3,000, showcase your ADU’s design and ensure it meets all regulations. Additional fees like $50-$200 per inspection add to the total cost.
  • Utility Connections: Separate meters for water, gas, and electricity (around $500-$1,000 per utility) are often required for independent ADU billing.

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No, ADUs in Pleasanton cannot be sold independently of the main house. They are designed to be accessory to the main dwelling and must be owned by the same property owner.

Adding an ADU can increase the value of your property, which may result in a reassessment of property tax. However, specific tax implications can vary, so it's best to consult with the Alameda County Assessor's Office for detailed information

To apply for an ADU permit in Pleasanton, you must apply to the city's Planning Department along with your ADU plans, site survey, and other required documents. The city will review your application for zoning compliance and may request additional information or modifications

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