Unit Size

Studio ADUs (340 sq. ft.)

The Studio ADU design features an open-plan layout with a full kitchen, a bathroom, and a living/sleeping area to ensure comfort and functionality within its compact space.

One-bedroom (400 sq. ft.)

The one-bedroom ADU provides a private bedroom, an open living area, a kitchen, and a full bathroom, making it perfect for individuals seeking more space and privacy.


Small Pleasanton ADU Floor Plans

1-Bed 1 Bath (480 sq. ft.)

Designed for efficiency and comfort, the 1-Bed 1 Bath ADU floor plan optimizes its 480 sq. ft. space with a well-arranged bedroom, comfortable living area, full kitchen, and a separate bathroom.

1-Bed 1 Bath (520 sq. ft.)

The 520 sq. ft. one-bedroom unit expands on comfort, including a spatially efficient floor plan with a larger living area suitable for entertaining and day-to-day relaxation.

2-Bed 1 Bath (600 sq. ft.)

The 2-bed 1 Bath layout cleverly maximizes its 600 sq. ft. to include two private bedrooms, a shared bathroom, and an open living space with a functional kitchen, ideal for small families or roommates.

2-Bed 1 Bath (640 sq. ft.)

Offering a balance of privacy and communal living, the 640 sq. ft. 2-bed 1 Bath ADU plan provides a comfortable layout with ample living space, accommodating small families or guests easily.


Medium Pleasanton ADU Floor Plans

2-Bed 1 Bath (750 sq. ft.)

The 750 sq. ft. 2-Bed 1 Bath plan delivers enhanced spaciousness with a generous living area, full kitchen, and two sizable bedrooms, ideal for residents valuing comfort and breathing room.

2-Bed 2 Bath (800 sq. ft.)

For those desiring a blend of privacy and luxury in a modest footprint, the 800 sq. ft. 2-bed 2 Bath ADU floor plan features well-appointed bedrooms, each with its bathroom, and a central living space designed for comfort and ease of living.

3-Bed 2 Bath (960 sq. ft.)

With a focus on family-friendly living, the 960 sq. ft. floor plan provides three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a central living area, embodying spacious living in a compact design.


Large Pleasanton ADU Floor Plans

3-Bed 2 Bath (1178 sq. ft.)

The 1178 sq. ft. 3-Bed 2 Bath ADU offers an expansive floor plan with large bedrooms, an open living area, and a dedicated dining space to accommodate ample family-centric activities and entertainment.

3-Bed 3 Bath (1200 sq. ft.)

The 1200 sq. ft. 3-bed, 3 Bath layout provides each bedroom with its private bathroom, perfect for maximizing personal space and convenience in family living.

Two-Story 3-Bed 3 Bath (1700 sq. ft.)

The two-story, 3-Bed, 3 Bath 1700 sq. ft. ADU floor plan elevates living standards with multi-level living spaces, offering distinct areas for privacy, entertainment, and relaxation.

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Every homeowner has a unique vision for their ADU. That’s why we offer custom floor plans tailored to your specific needs. Our ADU builders will design a one-of-a-kind ADU that maximizes space, functionality, and style. We create a personalized plan for your ADU based on your lifestyle, desired amenities, and individuality, ensuring it becomes a genuine extension of yourself.

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