Unit Size

Studio • 226 Sq. Ft

This compact studio perfectly accommodates a streamlined sleeping area, kitchenette, and living zone. Ideal for minimalist living, home offices, or guest retreats.

Studio • 321 Sq. Ft

This thoughtfully designed studio offers a dedicated sleeping nook, a well-equipped kitchenette, and a comfortable living space. Perfect for singles, couples, or those seeking a balanced blend of work and relaxation.


Small San Bruno ADU Floor Plans

1-Bed 1 Bath • 390 Sq. Ft

Optimize space with a cleverly integrated sleeping nook, living area, and kitchenette. It is ideal for solo living, home offices, or guest quarters.

1-Bed 1 Bath • 400 Sq. Ft

Separate sleeping and living zones are defined while maintaining an open feel. It is well-suited for singles, couples, or those seeking a dedicated workspace.

2-Bed 1 Bath • 610 Sq. Ft

Two separate bedrooms allow versatility, whether roommates, a growing family, or an in-home office. Open living space fosters connection and communal living.

2-Bed 1 Bath • 750 Sq. Ft

Generously sized bedrooms ensure privacy and relaxation. An ample living area accommodates gatherings, entertaining, or creating distinct functional zones.


Medium San Bruno ADU Floor Plans

2-Bed 1 Bath • 800 Sq. Ft

Divide the space into two comfortable bedrooms and a shared living area. Ideal for roommates, small families, or those seeking dedicated sleeping and gathering zones.

2-Bed 2 Bath • 960 Sq. Ft

Each bedroom enjoys the privacy of its bathroom, perfect for families, couples seeking independence or multi-generational living.

3-Bed 2 Bath • 1000 Sq. Ft

Three bedrooms and two bathrooms easily accommodate growing families, guests, or home offices. Open living areas foster connection and shared living.


Large San Bruno ADU Floor Plans

3-Bed 2 Bath • 1200 Sq. Ft

Three generous bedrooms and two shared bathrooms offer privacy and convenience, perfect for growing families, guests, or home offices. Open living areas facilitate shared enjoyment and connection.

3-Bed 3 Bath • 1280 Sq. Ft

Each bedroom boasts its bathroom for ultimate privacy and convenience, ideal for families, multi-generational living, or those seeking independent spaces.

Two-Story 3-Bed 3 Bath • 1600 Sq. Ft

Maximize space and separation with two levels. Bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs provide quiet retreats, while downstairs living areas host gatherings and entertainment.

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We understand that every homeowner has unique needs and visions for their ADU. That’s why we offer personalized services to create custom ADU floor plans that align perfectly with your preferences. Our collaborative and transparent design process ensures that your ideas are the foundation of our planning. Experience the transformative journey of bringing your vision to life with our team of dedicated architects and designers at DevArt8 Construction.

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