Unit Size

Studio • 226 Sq. Ft

This micro-studio prioritizes smart furniture and integrated design. Think Murphy beds, fold-out desks, and space-saving appliances for a streamlined flow. Perfect for independent living or a productive home office.

Studio • 264 Sq. Ft

Expand your options with this slightly larger studio. A designated sleeping nook frees up space for a full kitchen or comfortable living area. It is ideal for solo occupants who crave both practicality and personal space.


Small San Leandro ADU Floor Plans

1-Bed 1 Bath • 322 Sq. Ft

This 1-bed 1 bath floor plan is a cozy and compact option, perfect for solo living or as guest quarters. Dedicated bedroom, full bath, and a compact living area that can double as a home office.

1-Bed 1 Bath • 468 Sq. Ft

Spacious comfort, for one. Separate bedroom, full bath, and generous relaxing or entertaining living space. It is ideal for those who value privacy and room to spread out.

2-Bed 1 Bath • 535 Sq. Ft

Smartly designed for small families or roommates. Separate bedrooms and full bath, plus a dedicated living area for shared activities. Maximizes space and comfort without sacrificing privacy.

2-Bed 1 Bath • 610 Sq. Ft

Generous living for growing families or co-living. Separate bedrooms, full bath, ample space for a comfortable living area, and potential for a dining nook or home office.


Medium San Leandro ADU Floor Plans

2-Bed 1 Bath • 610 Sq. Ft

Two separate bedrooms and a full bath provide privacy and functionality. The spacious living area accommodates relaxation, dining, or a dedicated workspace.

2-Bed 2 Bath • 720 Sq. Ft

Double the bathroom convenience for families or co-habitants. Two bedrooms plus additional space allow for a dedicated living area, dining nook, or home office.

3-Bed 2 Bath • 1000 Sq. Ft

Ample room for growing families or multi-generational living. Three bedrooms and two full baths ensure privacy and comfort. A generous living area accommodates family gatherings, entertainment, or a separate study space.


Large San Leandro ADU Floor Plans

3-Bed 2 Bath • 1178 Sq. Ft

This layout balances private bedrooms with generous shared living space, perfect for growing families. Think dedicated dining areas, potential for a home office, and ample storage solutions.

3-Bed 3 Bath • 1280 Sq. Ft

Elevate family comfort with additional bathroom privacy. Each bedroom gets its own space, while the shared living area remains expansive for gatherings and relaxation. Bonus potential for a laundry room or mudroom.

Two-Story 3-Bed 3 Bath • 1600 Sq. Ft

Maximize vertical space for the ultimate family retreat. Enjoy distinct living areas on each floor, ideal for separating bedrooms from communal spaces. This layout offers exceptional flexibility for diverse needs and preferences.

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