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Our team of experienced San Leandro ADU contractors streamlines the construction process, ensuring your project’s swift and seamless completion. With a deep understanding of local zoning laws and construction best practices, these professionals deliver top-quality ADUs optimized for the San Leandro community.

San Leandro ADU

Solid Construction

The construction of the San Leandro ADU by DevArt8 Construction is emblematic of their commitment to solid and durable building practices. By utilizing high-grade materials and modern architectural designs, DevArt8 ensures that each accessory dwelling unit (ADU) meets and exceeds existing building codes and sustainability standards. With San Leandro’s ADU, they have delivered an exemplary model of craftsmanship that promises longevity and efficiency, catering to the evolving needs of homeowners.

Popular Designs To Choose

  • 330 SQ. FT: This compact design is perfect for a single person or couple. It typically includes a combined living/sleeping area, a kitchenette, and a bathroom.
  • 468 SQ. FT: This slightly larger design adds a separate bedroom to the studio layout, making it ideal for small families or guests.
  • 720 SQ. FT: This option provides a spacious and fully-equipped living space with a bedroom, living area, kitchen, and bathroom. It is ideal for long-term stays or rentals and offers ample room for families or individuals needing extra space.
  • 1178 SQ. FT: This large ADU is perfect for families or those who need plenty of space. It typically includes three bedrooms, a living area, a kitchen, and two bathrooms.

San Leandro ADU Popular Designs To Choose

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Get To Know San Leandro ADU Regulations and Permit

In San Leandro, homeowners must follow specific guidelines for the size, location, and design of ADUs. These rules maintain neighborhood character while allowing flexibility for property owners. Permits are required to ensure safety and compliance with local laws. The city has streamlined procedures to assist homeowners.

San Leandro ADU Regulations and Permit

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DevArt8 Construction – Your San Leandro ADU Builder!

DevArt8 Construction is the leading San Jose ADU builder, combining design expertise and construction understanding to bring your ideal ADU to life. Our skilled team ensures seamless integration with your main residence while meeting local regulations.

Garage Conversion

Converting a garage into a livable space involves comprehensive updates to create a comfortable and functional environment. This renovation includes optimizing the layout by moving walls, installing new windows and doorways for better light and access, and insulating the space for energy efficiency. New flooring establishes a solid foundation, while plumbing and electrical systems are upgraded as needed. These updates revitalize the space, making it perfect for various uses like a family room, extra bedroom, or private office.

Home Addition

Home additions strategically increase living space and functionality while maintaining the comfort of your existing home. Whether opening a wall for a spacious living area, adding a room, or enhancing the structural design, every detail is meticulously planned and executed. This ensures an aesthetically pleasing extension and compliance with building codes for integrity and safety. From design to finishing touches, we transform your space to meet evolving needs without compromising quality, efficiency, or legal requirements.

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