Interior Home Remodel
Interior Home Remodel

Your Home Remodel Journey Begins Here

For a full home remodel project, you need a general contractor to provide all the necessary components for your interior and exterior upgrades.

Floor plan (layout) upgrade is the most important aspect of your Bay Area home remodeling project, as it involves changing the existing structure and arrangement of rooms in your house.

This means we will be helping you rethink and improve interior spaces for better functionality and flow. In most cases, it includes creating open-concept living areas, reconfiguring room layouts, adding or removing rooms, and enhancing traffic patterns.

The services include

Future-Ready Remodeling Solutions for Your Home

As much as the ultimate goal to take on any residential remodeling project is the benefit of an updated home, you should consider redefining spaces and factoring in modern recommendations that will lead the way.

On modern home upgrade trends, our focus is on providing solutions for creating multi-functional spaces for better flexibility that will accommodate your household’s traffic and activities.

Since the return on investment (ROI) of any given renovation project is a function of local market characteristics and the quality of the work performed, we will guide you into a futuristic remodeling plan that embraces new materials, layout planning, and techniques to enhance the way you live in and experience your home.

Successful Home Remodel
Successful Home Remodel

The Core Principles of a Successful Home Remodel

When looking to give your whole home a fresh, new look – without compromising on function in the pursuit of beauty, there are specific elements of good interior design that DevArt8 Construction will follow.


We map out the floor plan for the design upgrade and even expand spaces where needed by moving walls and raising ceilings. The goal is to find the balance between making a room useful without significantly affecting other spaces.


In retrospect, every space should have a focal point with its discernible sense of unity and harmony, and each element should complement one another with smooth transitions through the remodel. In summary, our core principles for your home upgrades involve understanding your vision and ensuring optimal use of space.

Modern Home Remodel Ideas
Modern Home Remodel Ideas

Getting Home Remodeling Permits in Bay Area, CA

In Bay Area, construction of new structures and some residential remodeling projects require permits and city approvals. 


While building permits are crucial, the bureaucracy around the process of obtaining them is a lengthy one. This is where we come in, getting the permits on your behalf and helping you navigate this time-consuming process – making everything easy and fast.

Types of Permits Needed and Regulatory Requirements

Based on the requirements for permit application, which will require every detail on your upcoming project, here are the common types of permits for home remodeling in Bay Area, include: building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and historic preservation permits.  

Remodeling Inspections and Ensuring Compliance

The goal of obtaining remodeling permits is to ensure your project complies with local zoning and building code, most of which is aimed at keeping occupants safe.


Before and during the remodeling process, we will schedule and oversee inspections to assess the quality of work and compliance with building codes. The checks include pre-construction inspections, structural inspections, and the final inspection.

Home Design and Remodel Guide

The success of your remodeling project is defined by how closely the finished space(s) matches your design and style objectives.

Within the range of what you can do during a home renovation, there are structural and architectural considerations:

Remodel Guide by Devart

Structural Considerations

To ensure that the upgrades done on your home, structurally speaking, are not compromising the integrity of the structure, we consider load-bearing components and how modifications impact the overall framework.

This starts by strategically designing and placing beams and columns to distribute weight and ensure safe load transfer evenly. For improved floor plans, we create functional living spaces that accommodate your household's requirements.

Design and Architectural Considerations

When implementing the agreed design features into your home remodel, we focus on matching the architectural vision with structural feasibility.

Your home remodel journey starts by selecting an architectural style that resonates with your vision, setting the tone for the entire project. For interior layout flow, you get a fluid design and functional interior floor plan that ensures smooth transitions between spaces for better living.

Home Remodeling Cost and Financing Options

The total cost of your Bay Area home remodeling project will depend on several factors; hence, we guide you through the budgeting and help you know which factors are most important to you.

The final cost often depends on the scope of structural or mechanical modifications, square footage, remodel features, underlying issues, materials used, and your location.

Kitchen Remodeling Permits

Cost Breakdown

The cost for a full home remodel varies significantly based on square footage, typically within the range of $60 to $150. Changing or expanding your home’s square footage in a gut renovation or by adding a room will cost more, with about 30 - 50% of the total expenses allocated to labor and permit costs.

Financing Options for Your Home Upgrade

Knowing what options are available by law, home value, and income level is a good starting point to determine your best financing structure. Generally, your financing options include home remodeling grants, home equity loans, HELOC, FHA 203(k) loans, cash accounts, and others for Bay Area homeowners.

Room Functionality Upgrade for Modern Homes

Your remodeling project will begin with a comprehensive assessment of the home’s existing layout. We will want to identify your desires and daily routines to create a remodeling plan to improve your home’s functionality.

  • We help you reimagine the interior flow, removing non-load-bearing walls to create an inviting atmosphere.
  • Improving all spaces and sightlines, ensuring better communication and connectivity among all rooms.
  • You can choose strategic storage solutions to maximize efficiency, seamlessly integrating them into the design.
  • The result? A space that looks stunning and functions well with your family's lifestyle.

Reasons to Work with a Home Remodeling Contractor

Whether you want a major renovation, with a full redesign and remodel, or an upgrade of different interior and exterior features, working with a home remodeling contractor presents several benefits that come with a professionally done job.

Technical Know-How: You get the expertise to handle tricky tools and techniques, ensuring your project's safety and quality.
Licensed and Insured: With Bay Area contractor licenses and insurance, you will not be on the hook for any accidents or damages.
Experience with Codes and Permits: We know the paperwork and each project's requirements. Let us handle the permits so you can focus on your dream space.
Streamlined Communication: DevArt8 Construction contractors will take charge, ensuring everyone is on the same page, and your project runs smoothly. You focus on your vision; we handle the details.
Cost and Time Savings: Contrary to most people's opinion, hiring a contractor can save you money. We have all the tools and great relationships with suppliers and subcontractors. That means better deals for you.
Trade Connections: We know the best in the business, which will ensure quality work by recommending and using the right things, techniques, materials, and craftsmen.

Accreditations & Awards

Impressive Home Remodeling Solutions

Impressive Home Remodeling Solutions in Bay Area

We don’t just remodel homes. We bring solutions to every remodel project and give you access to our full service. This includes consultation, permits and paperwork, home design, finishes, and fixture selection and installations.

Ready to get started? We invite you to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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