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San Jose home remodeling aims to enhance living spaces, increase property value, and bring homeowners a renewed sense of home pride.

Atherton Garage Conversion

Garage Conversion

Atherton Home Addition

Home Addition

Atherton Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen remodeling process in Atherton demands strict adherence to local permit prerequisites and design regulations to ensure safety and enhance functionality. With detailed guidelines, renovations can integrate with Atherton’s aesthetic

Atherton Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom renovations in Atherton are subject to specific building permits and guidelines to ensure safe projects meet high-quality standards. Adherence to these regulations is crucial in achieving a remodel that blends functionality

General Guidelines in Atherton Home Remodeling

To have a successful home remodeling project in Alameda, follow safety, sustainability, and aesthetic regulations. Familiarize yourself with these rules to streamline the project and avoid complications.

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Local Zoning and Land Use Laws (Building Heights, Setbacks, and Land Coverage)

In Atherton, local zoning and land use laws are significant in any home remodeling project. Understanding these regulations is crucial to ensuring your project runs smoothly and legally.

  • Building Heights are typically restricted to maintain the neighborhood's aesthetic harmony and protect views. It's essential to check these regulations before adding a second story or raising the roofline of your home.
  • Setbacks refer to the distance between your property's boundary and your building. These distances vary depending on the specific zoning of your property and must be adhered to when extending your home or adding an ADU.
  • Land Coverage pertains to the percentage of your property that structures can cover. This ensures that your property has enough open space for greenery and natural drainage.
Atherton Area We Serve Service Required Documents

Required Documents

In Atherton, home remodeling projects require various documents to comply with local regulations. These include a detailed project plan, architectural designs, engineering specifications, proof of property ownership, and potentially a soil report. Separate permits for electrical, plumbing, and mechanical work might be needed. A tree protection plan may also be necessary for properties near protected trees.

Costs and Fees

The remodeling project cost in Atherton varies significantly depending on its scope, complexity, and materials used. It's important to note that additional costs may arise due to unforeseen complications, custom requests, or changes to the project scope once construction has begun.

  • Building Permit (Single-family/Duplex): $1,200 to $2,000
    • Minor Kitchen/Bathroom Remodel: $15,000 to $25,000
    • Major Remodels (structural changes, roof framing): $100,000 to $350,000 (depending on complexity)
    • Additions > 500 sq ft: $200,000 to $300,000
    • New Construction: $400,000 to $1,000,000
  • Planning Permit: $1,500 to $2,500 (required for significant changes, historic districts, PD zoning)
  • Electrical Permit: $200 to $800 (depending on scope)
  • Plumbing Permit: $300 to $800 (depending on scope)
  • Other Permits: May be required for landscaping, pools, HVAC systems, etc. (costs vary).

Increased Property Value in Atherton Home Remodeling

Home remodeling increases property value in Atherton, given the high-end real estate market. Remodeling projects such as kitchen and bathroom upgrades, room additions, or complete renovations can enhance a home's appeal to potential buyers. Energy-efficient upgrades and modern design can also increase a property's value by offering aesthetic appeal and long-term savings.

Property Design by Type

Property Design (Type)Estimated Increase (%)Property ValueEstimated Value IncreaseResale Value
Ranch Style10% $500,000 $50,000$550,000
Craftsman12% $600,000$72,000 $672,000
Colonial15% $700,000 $105,000 $805,000
Victorian 10% $800,000 $80,000 $880,000
Mediterranean8% $900,000 $72,000 $972,000
Contemporary12% $1,000,000 $120,000 $1,120,000
Tudor9% $1,100,000 $99,000 $1,199,000
Cape Cod11% $1,200,000 $132,000 $1,332,000
Modern13% $1,300,000 $169,000 $1,469,000
Spanish Revival14%$1,400,000 $196,000 $1,596,000

Property Design by Size

Property Design (Size)Estimated Increase (%)Property ValueEstimated Value IncreaseResale Value
3-bed 1-bath12%$500,000$60,000$560,000
3-bed 2-bath14%$600,000$84,000$684,000
4-bed 2-bath15%$700,000$105,000$805,000
4-bed 1-bath11%$800,000$88,000$888,000
5-bed 2-bath10%$900,000$90,000$990,000
5-bed 3-bath14%$1,000,000$140,000$1,140,000
6-bed 2-bath13%$1,100,000$143,000$1,243,000
6-bed 3-bath15%$1,200,000$180,000$1,380,000
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